Jun 09

Forgot to share this picture of our new friend who lives in between the slats between the garage side door and screen door. I think I found the species on line —Bold Jumper—s/he’s about the size of my thumb. Best for him/her if there is no jumping in my direction. Just saying. 

our own Charlotte…or Charles

Finding the right time (in between storms) to cut the grass has been a challenge. I’m going to give it a go tonight.

We still are working with the landscaper who seeded the lawn…we’ve got a lovely carpet of weeds out there. I’m not naming name, but if it isn’t fixed soon, I’m going all out social media assault on their asses. 

our very own “Field of Weeds”

Garden is coming along. Eggplant has 2 or 3 tiny eggplants on them. (They came like that from the nursery…but they didn’t fall off. So, I get credit for that, right?) Tomato plants are just about to bloom, and bloom big time. Lettuce is firm and perky. And none of it has fallen prey to critters. Although I did have a dream that the ground hog tunneled over to the beds. 


The boys have settled in. They are loving the yard, and we’re just cuddling on each other the other day.

Bentley and Dasher–cuddle pups.

AAAAND, guess who is going to South Africa? Us, with the BGMC in June, 2018. Details to come.

Apr 07

The (Further) Adventures in Puppyhood

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Other dog owners—most probably, and, most likely, parents will attest to having to do things, touch thing, experience things that the rest of the world would never admit to! This morning was one of those times. While on my morning walk with 3 dogs—which in itself is an adventure under the best circumstances—the WORST happened. You see, occasionally, dogs will have difficulty eliminating…finishing… which makes me wonder what happens/happened in the wild when this occurs.

Anyway, there was poor Bentley (who is neurotic anyway) in the squatting position for far longer than normal. And then I see it…a turd that won’t drop. The best-case scenario is that it is stuck to fur. This was the worst-case. You see my puppies love string…yarn…rope. We work HARD to keep it away from them. But they have this rope toy that they decimate, and it seems, eat the rope. So here we have poop, around rope that won’t come all the way out. Luckily I had a paper towel in my pocket. Now Bentley wants nothing to do with me in that area and is so upset when I hold him to reach behind him to “help.” Bentley is a nervous pee-er (not sure how to spell that one). And here I am trying to pull this poop-laiden string out of his bum, while he is tucking his tail over his bum with all the force this little 17 pound puppy can muster. This is when the waterworks started. All over me, all over Bentley…everywhere. How can a little puppy hold that much pee? The string came out (and a subsequent successful poop made me feel like nothing bad happened as a result of my pulling.)

So, we ended our morning with a bath (which he hated as much.) The poor little, little may never recover emotionally.

AND, it’s only 7:50AM. Really?

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