Jun 09

Forgot to share this picture of our new friend who lives in between the slats between the garage side door and screen door. I think I found the species on line —Bold Jumper—s/he’s about the size of my thumb. Best for him/her if there is no jumping in my direction. Just saying. 

our own Charlotte…or Charles

Finding the right time (in between storms) to cut the grass has been a challenge. I’m going to give it a go tonight.

We still are working with the landscaper who seeded the lawn…we’ve got a lovely carpet of weeds out there. I’m not naming name, but if it isn’t fixed soon, I’m going all out social media assault on their asses. 

our very own “Field of Weeds”

Garden is coming along. Eggplant has 2 or 3 tiny eggplants on them. (They came like that from the nursery…but they didn’t fall off. So, I get credit for that, right?) Tomato plants are just about to bloom, and bloom big time. Lettuce is firm and perky. And none of it has fallen prey to critters. Although I did have a dream that the ground hog tunneled over to the beds. 


The boys have settled in. They are loving the yard, and we’re just cuddling on each other the other day.

Bentley and Dasher–cuddle pups.

AAAAND, guess who is going to South Africa? Us, with the BGMC in June, 2018. Details to come.

Jun 16

BGMC Chorus Comments Off on

Many people have asked, “why on earth are you going to the Middle East?” As of today I haven’t really been able to articulate my feelings. After reading this article written by a chorus brother, TC Colins, the reason and words came. That combined with some official Chorus language finally answered the question, “Why?”

The cultural divide between the West and the Middle East, between predominantly Christian/Jewish and Muslim, Us and Them has been an eternal one. But are we all that different? The funny thing about people is we really are all the same. I’ve been playing around on Periscope and viewing peoples’ broadcasts around the world. It’s all the same. No matter who I view we are all listening to music, laughing together…the sameness of these broadcasts, no matter the language they are in, are so similar…To quote a line from a song that we plan to sing during our tour, Peace, written by chorus members and composed by Joshua Shank:

“When I realized we are all more alike than different, I was a peace.”

But if we are so alike how do we remove that “other” and reach out across that divide and meet the person…not the nationality or religion or the ideology? Music is that bridge and TC brilliantly wrote the following:

Music has a way of bypassing the defenses of words and rhetoric and go straight to emotions which are harder to argue with and harder to deny. My hope is that those who may not yet support the LGBT community will at least come to our concerts and see for themselves who we are, that we are human beings not unlike them. I hope they will hear the truth of our stories, our emotions, and our journeys.

You can read more of TC’s article here

And THIS is why I want to be part of this amazing adventure. If you want, you can follow me and watch my live streaming broadcasts from our trip, by signing up for the Periscope App (IOS and Android) and “following” me. My user name is sprboston.

Otherwise I will be posting pictures, stories and updates here and on Facebook.


Jan 06

50 is Coming

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Wow. I know it’s cliche, but I don’t know how I have come to be 50 so quickly. In my mind 50-year-olds are older than I think I am. Perhaps is a mis-perception. I may (most probably) have more to say about turning 50 in a later post, but for now I wanted to ask you help in something.

People have started asking, “what do you want for your birthday.” And to be perfectly honest, what I would really love is to be part of this history making trip the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus is embarking on. For those of you who know me, know that asking something like this isn’t easy. But, I love and am humbled at being part of this organization. When I participate in outreach concerts that help support Youth Organization and LGBT Organization I’m am sooo happy to be part of an organization that has an impact on this world of ours that so often seems like it’s spinning out of control.

The chorus mission statement is to create “musical experiences to inspire change, build community and celebrate difference.”

Please read more about the tour here:

I cannot think of anything that would make me prouder than to participate in something that created headlines like:

Music Triumphs Injustice

Michael and I would love to go, but cannot afford the expense ourselves. So yes, in lieu of a 50th birthday gift, I’m asking you to take what ever you might have spent on a gift and help us reach our goal to be part of this amazing adventure. No donation is too small or insignificant and would be so appreciated!

Thanks very much!!

You can follow this link to make a donation

Jan 01

Wicked Awesome!

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I am haunted by this song. I first heard it on a  Laurie Beechman album…but this version, this version haunts me.

And all I can think of is what this is going to sound like sung by the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus this spring.

Our spring concert will be a celebration of the music of Stephen Schwartz, one of my very favorite composers (long before Wicked). And on this New Year’s Day, looking toward the amazing things in store this year (going to the Middle East with the Chorus in order to fulfill the mission of the chorus

Boston Gay Men’s Chorus creates musical experiences to inspire change, build community and celebrate difference.

These lyric strike such a chord in me (especially with this mission in mind), that I wanted to share them with you.

Beautiful City from Godspell, by Stephen Schwartz
Out of the ruins and rubble
Out of the smoke
Out of our night of struggle
Can we see a ray of hope?
One pale thin ray reaching for the day

We can build a beautiful city
Yes, we can; Yes, we can
We can build a beautiful city
Not a city of angels
But we can build a city of man

We may not reach the ending
But we can start
Slowly but truly mending
Brick by brick, heart by heart
Now, maybe now
We start learning how

We can build a beautiful city
Yes, we can; Yes, we can
We can build a beautiful city
Not a city of angels
But we can build a city of man

When your trust is all but shattered
When your faith is all but killed
You can give up, bitter and battered
Or you can slowly start to build

A beautiful city
Yes, we can; Yes, we can
We can build a beautiful city
Not a city of angels
But finally a city of man.

Apr 28

BGMC Outreach

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The thing I like most about being in the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus are the under-heralded (in my opinion) out reach concerts. A few times a year the BGMC travels to a local school group or organization to help them raise money…usually for Gay/Straight Alliance groups. And while it’s never convenient (we take time out of our weekends) and today’s concert in particular is donated, the rewards are amazing. Today we travel to Barnstable Highschool to help raise funds for CIGSYA (The Cape and Islands Gay & Straight Alliance)

A week or so ago, a parent came to our rehearsal who told us her family’s story. Her teenage son came out to them and she felt ill-equipped to help, support, and guide him. She turned to CIGSYA who provided counseling and guidance, making a potentially scary journey a little less so.

The response of the audience always brings me to tears. They are so grateful. And to see young GBLT youth, able to be honest and true about themselves is (and I don’t think this is too dramatic) life changing for me. While I don’t particularly relish the 1.5 hour drive there and then another back. But I know that I am going to see brilliant smiles so grateful to the BGMC…and that we might have a positive effect helping make lives better than they were for us, makes it all worth it.

I think (and this isn’t a slam or criticism) that the BGMC doesn’t toot their own horn enough, particularly about these out reach efforts. THIS is precisely why fundraising events like the upcoming Crescendo are so critical. I hope that you will be able to support the BGMC in anyway possible. The work they do affects so many lives. So please consider attending our fundraiser. It’s guaranteed to be a great night out! Details here!

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