Jun 01

It’s been a day or two since my last post. I thought I would catch you up.

Over the long Memorial Day weekend we were busy. We finally finished moving out of McKone street on Saturday (at 8pm).

Sunday was a sprint to get most of the house ready because we invited people over for a cookout…did we really? Yup. We wanted to start living in the house and for us, that includes company. Michael did an amazing job on clearing out all those boxes of clothing and he got all the closets organized. They are beautiful. (But I already FaceBooked those details, didn’t I).

I made my first strawberry/rhubarb pie which was yummy. I’d make it again.
Photo May 29, 2 15 20 PM

Monday was a glorious rainy day. I love a rainy day. I finished emptying kitchen cabinet boxes. And we had more company…I love that people are willing the schlep out to East Bridgewater.

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Then it was back to work…my first commute alone to the office and I forgot to change out of my dog-walking slippers/crocs! I got to wear them all day. No one made comments. I just wonder what they thought. LOL
Photo May 31, 10 26 27 AM

And to end this post, some of the lovely perennials around the property.

Luckily we have Carole who tells me what’s what, not only in EB but in our gardens

Spider Wart

Spider Wart

I’m used to purple irises, I wonder what this variety is.



And finally…a rhododendron…Michael doesn’t love them, but when they’re blooming, that color is lovely



May 29

I love all of the house plants in the house and Michael’s deft hand at displaying them. They bring an important (for both of us) element inside–something alive. 

Little Miss Kim Lilacs

I’m not certain of the name of this one, but, but I love the prehistoric leaves that reach out from the vines. 

May 28

I love posting here, asking “what kind of flower is this, question…and not that I don’t believe him, but Michael says it’s a type of hydrangea. When the wind picks up, it carries this amazing fragrance into the house. I am tempted to cut them, but I suspect they’ll last longer on the bushes, flanking our side door.  Or will it promote more flowers? Michael saw a humming bird near them the other day…so #namethatflower. 

This afternoon, between runs to McKone Street, my boys were hot and stressed…so we laid in the grass in the back yard…it was cool, and there was this breeze! And these views.  

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