Jun 07

Ever since I posted pictures of the newly planted garden, people have cautioned me to put up a fence against woodland critters. I am certain there is a groundhog who lives in our back yard. 

groundhog digs (get it? a little double meaning)

So I bought some chicken wire (twice…don’t believe the measurement in the package. Because apparently, 25′ may not mean 25’…mine was more like 24’4″. Not enough to to go around my raised beds.) I spread out some cedar mulch to discourage critters from getting into the garden. Maybe some will get in. But hopefully most will stay out. 

Out new fenced-in garden.

Will I be cleverer than the back yard critters? Time will tell. 
Oh. I almost forgot. Right when I got home the skies opened up. And I had to wait to work on the garden. And then this happened. 

Rainbow over Harris House

2 Responses to “Gardening Continued”

  1. Sue says:

    Just recently found your blog via Carole’s blog. Been a fan of hers for some time now.
    Word of warning about the ground hog — a good one might be able to climb that fence. See if you can bend the top of it outward to prevent one from climbing over (like the barbed wire at the top of a prison fence – but that’s to keep them in!)
    Years ago, I had a big fat groundhog who came up on my deck and ate flowers out of my container garden. The flowers he didn’t like, he climbed up on the pots (trampling everything in them) to reach hanging things. I put a deer barrier around the railing section of my deck, stapling it to the rails and the deck floor to keep him out. He just climbed up on my AC unit and then over the rail to get onto my deck. I eventually trapped him in a Hav-a-heart trap, but it took awhile, and a neighbor took him away and released him.
    Good luck with the garden and congrats on the new house.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Sue. nice to meet you!

    I have seen him only once, so…we shall see if he decides to show up nearer to harvest. He may be shy of my two boys who so far have chased all bunnies and squirrels from the yard. He might smell their, erm….presence in the yard since they’ve marked every tree and bush and decided to pillage easier pastures.

    But I appreciate the advice. The fence isn’t rigid and may be difficult to negotiate especially since as he might climb up the top will bend down. But we shall see and I might have to guy a trap as well.

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