Feb 28

I’m more than excited! I’ve been haunted by the idea of knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Bog Jacket for me. But, I haven’t been able to pick a yarn. I was leaning toward using SchoolHouse Press’ Unspun Icelandic since that fiber is one of my favorites. And when I say that, geez, it seems like everything is a favorite. But not really. A yarn has to have a certain quality, a natural-ness about it. I like a yarn which is minimally processed. And I can most often tell if I’m going to fall in love with a yarn if it still has the faint aroma of sheep.

I recently designed a cowl using Rowan Sheep Breed’s Blue Faced Leicester. THAT yarn is a dream to knit with.

Rowan Sheep Breed Blue Faced Leicester Cowl
(I’ll be posting the pattern soon…if you wish to be notified when the pattern is available, email me.)

Then came the “Through the Woods” project which I thought I would knit, using Rowan Sheep Breed’s Mid-Brown Jacob. I knitted a sweater using this yarn a few years back and simply loved the entire process. I fell in love again. So…I have decided not to resist the siren song and knit the Bog Jacket using
Mid-Brown Jacob
Shetland Moorit
and Black Welsh
If you want to knit along with me. Order some yarn. I expect to cast on as soon as the yarn arrives. SOOOO much fun. (I really love it when I get this excited about a project!)

Stay tuned!

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