Jun 04

I think it is fair to say that I might be obsessed with biscuits. As simple as they are to make, it seems there are an infinite number of recipes and techniques.

I love most of the recipes, the richness of the Pioneer Woman’s Cream Biscuits (I swear I saw an episode where she used heavy cream in her recipe), or the quickness, simplicity, and deliciousness of Clara Parkes’ drop biscuits. I feel like I am coming close to my ideal recipe (a riff off of King Arthur’s Flour biscuits as taught in the Craftsy.com class, “Tea breads, biscuits, scones, and more.” (I think it’s a great class by the way.)

But, my biscuit cutters were lost in the move, so I ordered some more. Only, they haven’t come yet. And last night, Michael showed me this: 

Cooks Country Magazine

Square biscuits using the addition of cream cheese? Intriguing. So I jumped. 

Cream Cheese Biscuits

Easy to make if you happen to have cream cheese on hand (oh yeah and cake flour-which I don’t always have). 

The end result—yum! Not quite as flaky as “mine”—these have a little more structure. And I don’t always have cream cheese and/or cake flour. But tender and light with lots of flavor. A very good recipe in my humble opinion. 

Cooks Country Cream Cheese Biscuits

Anyone hungry? These are best fresh! I got extra!

Jun 01

It’s been a day or two since my last post. I thought I would catch you up.

Over the long Memorial Day weekend we were busy. We finally finished moving out of McKone street on Saturday (at 8pm).

Sunday was a sprint to get most of the house ready because we invited people over for a cookout…did we really? Yup. We wanted to start living in the house and for us, that includes company. Michael did an amazing job on clearing out all those boxes of clothing and he got all the closets organized. They are beautiful. (But I already FaceBooked those details, didn’t I).

I made my first strawberry/rhubarb pie which was yummy. I’d make it again.
Photo May 29, 2 15 20 PM

Monday was a glorious rainy day. I love a rainy day. I finished emptying kitchen cabinet boxes. And we had more company…I love that people are willing the schlep out to East Bridgewater.

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Then it was back to work…my first commute alone to the office and I forgot to change out of my dog-walking slippers/crocs! I got to wear them all day. No one made comments. I just wonder what they thought. LOL
Photo May 31, 10 26 27 AM

And to end this post, some of the lovely perennials around the property.

Luckily we have Carole who tells me what’s what, not only in EB but in our gardens

Spider Wart

Spider Wart

I’m used to purple irises, I wonder what this variety is.



And finally…a rhododendron…Michael doesn’t love them, but when they’re blooming, that color is lovely



May 29

I love all of the house plants in the house and Michael’s deft hand at displaying them. They bring an important (for both of us) element inside–something alive. 

Little Miss Kim Lilacs

I’m not certain of the name of this one, but, but I love the prehistoric leaves that reach out from the vines. 

May 28

I love posting here, asking “what kind of flower is this, question…and not that I don’t believe him, but Michael says it’s a type of hydrangea. When the wind picks up, it carries this amazing fragrance into the house. I am tempted to cut them, but I suspect they’ll last longer on the bushes, flanking our side door.  Or will it promote more flowers? Michael saw a humming bird near them the other day…so #namethatflower. 

This afternoon, between runs to McKone Street, my boys were hot and stressed…so we laid in the grass in the back yard…it was cool, and there was this breeze! And these views.  

May 28


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We are going to live in this sunroom. It’s morning after a late night Bar Mitzvah and we have to journey back to McKone street for our final clean out/clean up. It’s supposed to get hot so we’re letting the cross breeze go through the house and cool things as much as it will.

Waiting for the (giant, because my biscuit cutter have gone missing and I had to use a cup–but I’m not complaining. Who doesn’t love a giant biscuit?) biscuits to finish baking, we are enjoying the mining. 

Michael lovin’ on Dasher

Dasher enjoying the morning sun

Giant biscuits

Still working on this recipe, using my home made yogurt instead of buttermilk. These rose beautifully, but fell a little. May need a higher temp. I’ll eat them though–a little butter and some orange marmalade…yes, indeed. 

mmm…warm buscuits with marmalade!

May 27

Things are falling in place. You all know how important this room is to me and with my favorite things in place, it is becoming home. 

Some other random thoughts:

  1. I have a lot of knitting books. The EB Library Knitting Annex?
  2. I have a lot of cookbooks…see #1 above
  3. I love walking in the grass in my backyard in bare feet!
May 26

Michael set up the Sun Room. It’s such a lovely room…you’re sort of outside, but away from the mosquitoes (yeah…living by wetlands, bound to have ’em). It has sliding screen doors on 3 sides giving an amazing cross breeze. We’re going to enjoy that room a lot this summer! 

May 26

Hello Lovelies! Trying a few new things to reactivate and (actually) use my blog. I want to invite you to follow along with us on our adventures in East Bridgewater. So I plan on posting more often, showing you what we’re up to.

This morning I went out early to make sure and water the new grass seed. This was done because a new septic system was installed on the property. It seems our life is going to connect with the Massachusetts Conservation Commission from time to time. They were to inspect the installation of the system and (for some reason) make grass was planted and cared for. I found him wandering around our yard. He explained that he was inspecting the grass and “would have hoped for a little more growth before issuing a certificate of conformity.” Since we had lived in the house exactly one day, I explained that I was hoping the seeds planted would sprout too…After one watering this was the result, a nice little green halo.

Photo May 24, 10 05 12 AM

Watering it has become an adventure, for sure. There is only one water spigot on the side of the house and we needed a 150 hose. The KINKS in the hose drove me to distraction and it kinked so badly that it broke…so we had water squirting out of the hose at one end and out of the sprinkler at the other. We will need a new hose.

The boxes are overwhelming me a bit. So we could have a little something fresh inside, I went out and cut some wild flowers. I want to try and remember to do that more often.


Ok, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for more postings about our adventures in EB!

May 20

East Bridgewater!

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I am happy to announce our upcoming move to East Bridgewater on May 23rd. I sent out official change of address notifications to people whose  email address I had…PM or email me with your email address and I’ll send it to you as well if desired.

Knowing we are moving past the point of casual drop in visits, I’d like to tempt you with some photos and area attractions to hopefully encourage your visit. If the prospect of just hanging out in the back yard and eating delicious food isn’t enough…yard darts, croquet or maybe we start being a family of Bocce players. (please note we have none of these games, so you’ll have to bring them with you! LOL).

Just next door to our house is the entrance to East Bridgewater’s section of the Bay Circuit Trail. And if you’re not susceptible to motion sickness (the video is a bit jumpy) you can watch a little video of a tour of the trail (and see our house at 1:08 into the video) here.

My nieces and nephews will love exploring this area which were close to or part of the Indian paths/trail to Plymouth used in Colonial Times. It is said there are remnants of an old Indian Fishing site on the river back there.

We are also close to F1 outdoor Kart Racing which could be a fun outing.

And we are just a jump from Plymouth and the historic sites there like Plimoth Plantation!

Only 4 days 23 hours to go!

Apr 27

#Whole30 Day 30! Finished

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Hello all. Thank you for following along on this little journey of mine. All-in-all Whole30 was a very informative exercise. Many things became clearer to me with respect to my relationship with food. And I will continue to think about and work on those things. Food is a wonderful thing. I enjoy it very much. LOL. But I now see how often I reach for food when I’m not hungry….stress, anxiety, boredom….and I think these, plus some other bad habits have contributed to my gaining weight over the years. This new perspective has also explained (to me anyway) why things like Weight Watchers and Atkins programs have not worked for me. it really is “all about the food.”

To anyone struggling with food, weight, skin problems…I would recommend this program (but of course, I’m not a doctor and perhaps you should check with your doctor first.) It’s not a scam to make money. All of the information you need to do the program is available for free on line at whole30.com. There are available supplementary books that I found fascinating to read (science stuff about hormones and insulin resistance, etc.) plus a cookbook with detailed meal plans for those of you who need a guiding hand, but those are extras and you can easily do the program without them. Plus forums…I found the forums especially helpful when I didn’t know if I could eat this thing or that.

Is it hard? No…I don’t think it was hard. I was happy to say that, unlike Weight Watchers and Atkins and any number of programs before, I stuck to this for 30 days without fail! No cheating at all and I didn’t feel hungry or deprived. I will say that planning is required. Read the suggestions and pre-program recommendations. Absolutely. And have fun with the food you can eat. You may find that you really do like food without cream sauce and butter! You do have to be prepared for a little bit of adjustments as you detox from sugar and grains/flour, etc. That was a little  unpleasant.

All I can say is for me it worked. I plan on following the 10-day reintroduction plan which slowly reintroduces some of those foods you cut out to see if (now that you have a baseline of 30 days without them) your body reacts negatively. And then going forward I don’t seem me changing very much from what I’ve been doing for the past 30 days (pending how I feel after reintroducing cheese and breads, etc) except perhaps a drink or glass of wine here and there. And of course, maybe pizza once a month. I’d also love a piece of pie (just not half of the pie…you see the thread here?). It’s interesting. Not having had sugar for 30 days (or honey or maple syrup or any sweetener artificial or otherwise) many things seem sweeter anyway. I can’t imagine what will happen if I ate a candy bar…although I’d love a piece of chocolate. Bottom line. It’s only 30 days!

Most of all, I never want to feel that horrible “Thanksgiving” full feeling I so often had. And I think on a modified …. let’s call it #Whole365, plan, I feel like I can continue to lose weight (although true #Whole30 fans will say that the program is not about losing weight)…and feel better. That’s the whole thing. I feel lighter. My head feels lighter…I don’t crash at 3pm.

I tried to take before and after pictures, but I don’t think they show anything significant (except for some very puffy morning eyes!) Although I think in this un-retouched photo (today is the top photo and March 28 is the bottom photo both taken at approx 6:30 am in the same location in the apartment) my skin does seem improved and less blotchy, the circles under my eyes are a little improved.

Before (above) and after photos #Whole30

Before (above) and after photos #Whole30

And in this zoomed in photo, the lines on my forehead do seem less pronounced.

Photo Apr 27, 7 33 51 AM

So here are the numbers

Day 1:

242 lbs (highest ever)

132/87 (blood pressure)–always just almost “high”


Day 30

226.5 (15.5 lbs lost)

120/82 (on 4/15) – absolutely shocked my Dr.


I didn’t do body measurements but my pants definitely are much looser…

So a these are a great bonus to how much better I feel and how much better my digestion feels…

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